To British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: I think Mr. Trump will make the issue of Ukraine's recovery an "EU" issue. ``NATO'' is negative about rebuilding Ukraine because it would close the ``path'' to ``invading Russia''. I think this story will disappear.

To British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

2024-04-25:Dear sir,
Mr. Trump should discuss with Mr. Putin the creation of a ``G3 military alliance'' be-tween the three countries ``the United States, Russia, and China,'' rather than ``such discussions.''

"Three wise men, Mr. Trump, Mr. Putin, and Mr. Xi Jinping" should work together to "create a peaceful world without war." I'm sure it can be done!

This story "must be a joke." On the 7th, the electronic version of the American newspaper ``The Washington Post'' reported that Mr. Trump spoke of ``conditions for ending the Krajina War''.

He told those around him that he could bring about an end to the war by pressuring Ukraine to cede "Crimea and the Donbas region" to Russia.

In response, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign issued a statement calling the reports inaccurate, saying, ``Speculations about Mr. Trump's plans come from anon-ymous sources who are not aware of the situation.''

Mr. Trump said privately that both Russia and Ukraine "want to save face, and they also want a solution." I think it's too late now.

Mr. Trump expressed his views to his associates. "Citizens in some parts of Ukraine" "think it's okay for them to become Russian territory." I think it's because the citi-zens of both countries are the same "East Slavs, Soviets."

Trump pledged that the United States would not give a single dollar of aid to Ukraine. Mr. Trump should abide by this "statement."

If Mr. Trump keeps this promise, as the Pope says, ``Ukraine will have no choice but to raise the white flag.'' Mr. Zelensky will go into exile.

``Information from the Washington Post'' was ``terms of armistice at the beginning of the war.'' The Biden administration and the EU have a history of rejecting this proposal. If I remember correctly, the Russian side was the one who "revealed" it.

This war is a war waged by the US and the EU. Russia spent "huge war costs." Now, I don't think Mr. Putin will agree on these terms.

If the US does not provide support "as promised" by Trump, Ukraine will "raise the white flag." Putin is waiting for this moment. It's just a matter of time.

If Mr. Trump becomes president, simply telling Mr. Putin that the United States will not provide arms or funds to Ukraine will effectively end the war.

Trump should first lift economic sanctions against Russia once Ukraine raises the "white flag." Citizens of the world are waiting for this.

The major themes of the ``end of the war process'' are ``the treatment of war criminals and the issue of compensation,'' as well as making Ukraine a demilitarized and neutral state.

I believe that Mr. Trump will make the issue of Ukraine's reconstruction an "EU" is-sue. He has said that Putin does not oppose Ukraine's membership in the EU.

However, many member states of the EU are members of NATO. ``NATO'' is nega-tive about rebuilding Ukraine because it would close the ``path'' to ``invading Rus-sia''. I think this story will die.

In the end, there will be no talk of Ukraine joining NATO, joining the EU, or post-war reconstruction. Ukrainians go to Europe to work. This will alleviate the "labor short-age" in Europe, including the UK.

In Ukraine, the ``olgarchy'' will be reinstated. And I think pro-Russian politicians will make a comeback. In the end, the world will return to the "pre-coup regime" in Ukraine.

Part 1 Citations/References
Trump plans to cede territory to end the war: Crimea, Donbas, US report

I'll write tomorrow too.

Part 2. Japan is a "state of abnormal human rights violations". "Everyone" of the "international community", please help!
First of all, please read "false accusation" in the 2010 "Crime of Supporting Violation of Immigration Law".

Reason for punishment:
A Chinese national obtained a "residence status" by submitting a "false employment contract." And they committed immigration law violations (activities outside of their qualifications).
Because "we" provided "false employment contract documents" to the Chinese, the Chinese were able to obtain "residence status."
The Chinese were able to "live" in Japan because they obtained a "status of residence".
Because the Chinese were able to "live" in Japan, they were able to "work illegally."
Therefore, ``we'' who ``provided'' the Chinese with ``false employment contract documents'' were punished as ``helping'' the Chinese ``activities outside the scope of their status of residence''.
This is an arbitrary "error of applicable law". This is out of the "logic of the law".

My claim:
"1" The Immigration Control Act stipulates that the Minister of Justice will take an "administrative disposition" (Immigration Control Act: Cancellation of the status of residence) for the act of submitting false documents and obtaining a status of residence. You are now "finished". "Aiding" an act of innocence is innocence.
A Chinese national who has engaged in “2” (activities outside the qualification) is not guilty. The reason is that the "person who hired them" has not been punished for "promoting illegal employment" under the Immigration Control Act. Therefore, by "equality under the law", the Chinese are innocent.

The revision of the Immigration Control Law in December 2016 made it possible to punish the act of "providing" "false employment contract documents".
Implemented from January 2017. According to Article 39 of the Constitution, it is not possible to "retroactively" to the "past" and "punish".

See "Indictment." The stated facts "state" the "fact" of "not guilty." (Japanese English)
"My Appeal" (Japanese)
"My Appeal" (English)

"Chinese, Korean, Filipino, American, etc." There are more than tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of victims all over the world. An unusual number of people.

Prosecutors' "(deprivation) of liberty" is "arbitrary." They are "disobeying the law" and "selfish". They have no "(logical) (necessity)". The prosecution is "punishing" "as they wish".

In 2010, "me and the Chinese" in the immigration violation case, and in 2013, Philippine Embassy staff and diplomats were also punished for the same reason.

"I" argued "not guilty", explaining with "logic of the law".
Police and prosecutors then said, "(You) should admit (your crime) in general terms."
Japan is the only country that punishes in general terms! .
The judge stated "Causal relationship" with crazy "logic". When I "see" (text of the judgment), I "laugh out loud."

This case is an error of arbitrary application of law by police officers, prosecutors and judges. The charges are "abuse of authority of a special public official" and "crimes of false complaints." The prosecution "killed" the "accusation letter" and "accusation letter" by "ex officio." Therefore, the statute of limitations has been suspended.

I am "appealing" two things.
1: The foreigner performed "illegal labor" other than "status of residence". But foreigners are innocent because of "equality under the law".
2: The prosecution “applied” “Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code” to Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act on the grounds of “support for Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act”. However, it is "error of applicable law". (as above).

Koreans make demands on Japan over the "solved" "comfort women and forced laborers" issue, but should support "tens of thousands of Korean victims" who have been punished for "violating immigration laws." .

The Japanese government is hiding Japan's human rights violations by making up such things as "human rights violations against Uyghurs in China."

"I" am demanding "restoration of honor" and "compensation" for myself, the Chinese, and the Philippine Embassy officials.

Everyone in the world! ! Victims should report to their respective governments. The governments of each country have an obligation to demand the Japanese government to restore the honor of their own citizens and compensate them.

Part 3. Construction of special zones.
The "special zone" "accepts" refugees and immigrants as "temporary immigrant" workers, limiting their residence to the "special zone". Developed countries can use them as low-wage workers for economic growth, and refugees and immigrants can get jobs and live a hopeful human life.
No2: https://world-special-zone.seesaa.net/
No1: https://naganoopinion.blog.jp/

Part 4. Ukraine war.
Zelensky took office on an "election promise" to scrap the Minsk Accords and regain territory through war. But when news of his tax evasion and tax havens came to light, he started a war.
No2: https://ukrainawar.seesaa.net/
No1: https://ukrainian-war.blog.jp/

Part 5. "U.S., Russia, and China" Tripartite Military Alliance/War Show
To create a world without war, we need a “Tripartite Military Alliance”!
No2: https://urc-military.seesaa.net/
No1: https://sangokugunzidoumei.blog.jp//

Part 6. Japan's notorious judicial system and human rights violations
Japan's judicial system: Immigration law violation case False accusation: Nissan Ghosn case False accusation: Abuse at immigration facility: International student/intern student case: Non-interference in domestic affairs: Foreign opinions
No2: https://nipponsihou.seesaa.net/
No1: https://humanrightsopinion.blog.jp/

Part 7. Corona sensor development 
We should develop an "inspection system" that instantly "discovers" "infected persons" like thermography.

Part 8. North Korea's Abduction and Missile Issues & Taiwan's Defense

Part 9. Promotion of One Coin Union & Hydrogen Vehicles 

Part 10. "Nagano" Opinion, Next Generation Nuclear Power: CO2 Free & SDGs: Russia/Ukraine Invasion Issues: Immigration/Refugee Issues: International/U.S. Politics/Taiwan Issues/Unification Church Issues

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano
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