Citizens of Europe would be ``unaware'' of an ``EMP attack''. However, when the car doesn't move, the signal breaks down, or the phone doesn't work, you know something is wrong. The scary thing is that the nuclear power plant will explode.

To British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

2023-02-07: Dear Sir, #Please spread
Russia should end the war by avoiding a “tank battle” with an “EMP attack”. I hate killing people!

The Ukrainian ambassador said on January 27 that 321 heavy tanks had been pledged to Ukraine so far. Ukraine should stop "imitation of the Nazis".

The West should stop the "Holocaust" to Russia. "Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff, who directs the Russian military's operations in Ukraine: claimed that the West is 'almost united' and 'fighting' against 'our country and our army'.

NATO wants to revive the Nazis. Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov said that the Soviet Union was under the most "threatened" since World War II, when it defeated Nazi Germany.

Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov said, "The scale and intensity of the conflict have never been experienced by modern Russia," and acknowledged that it was facing difficulties.

Anti-war is a symbol of freedom and democracy. Russian security officials also continue to contain anti-war movements. Demonstrations are not allowed in Ukraine.

A woman holding a placard reading "Ukraine is not our enemy, but our brother" was detained near a statue of a Ukrainian poet in central Moscow on January 21.

Anti-war is a symbol of both freedom and democracy. Anti-war demonstrations are prohibited in Ukraine. Anti-government political parties were "disbanded". Ukrainians should be prepared to be punished and call out “anti-war”.

“In the first place,” Zelensky made an “election pledge” to abandon the Minsk agreements and take back the territory by force. This is a violation of the UN Charter.

Western countries should “support” Ukrainian “anti-war demonstrations”. Political party activities should be allowed.

“In the first place,” it was a “civil war” because the Ukrainian army attacked “the Ukrainian people,” whose “ancestry is Russia.”

"Ukrainian citizens" of "Russian ancestry" lived in Ukraine "by order" because Ukraine was a member state of the "Soviet Union".

Citizens of the United States and Europe should hold an "anti-war demonstration against the Ukrainian war." "Ukrainian citizens" of "Russian ancestry" have the right to live in Ukraine.

NATO should force Zelensky to "adhere" to the "Minsk agreements." Keeping promises is the cornerstone of democracy.

It will be a “massive tank battle” between NATO-provided tanks and Russian tanks. When Russia is outnumbered, it will attack Europe with "EMP".

If a "nuclear explosion occurs at a high altitude" in the center of Europe, "intense electromagnetic waves" will fall on the ground.

Citizens of Europe would be ``unaware'' of an ``EMP attack''. However, when the car doesn't move, the signal breaks down, or the phone doesn't work, you know something is wrong.

The fear is that the nuclear power plant will get out of control and explode.

People should evacuate before the attack when they get a "notice" of an "EMP attack" from Russia. Europeans should become refugees and aim for the African continent.

The server will stop. Stop the computer. Distribution will stop because communication is not available.

Planes, trains and trucks will stop. It is said that people cannot even "procure" "food" because of this. That's why people say they "starve to death".

Western citizens should take modern warfare seriously. No more "battles with tanks". It's a "game". We should understand that it is "nuclear war" that decides the outcome of war.

I think that in the age of "nuclear war" it is impossible for each country to equip "defense". That is why I am proposing the "establishment" of a "G3 Military Alliance."

The "nuclear bombs" that the United States dropped on "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" are "old nuclear weapons." Now it's a space war with nuclear weapons.

"EMP attack" is carried out so that "missiles and aircraft" cannot "fly" by "electromagnetic wave attack" from space. Finally, destroy people and buildings with a "nuclear bomb".

All women should be able to buy "sanitary products" instead of spending tax money on military spending. The G3 Military Alliance will make this happen.

The people of the world have one thing to do. We should realize living under the "G3 military alliance" of "US, Russia and China".

Part 1. 321 tanks pledged to Ukraine so far: ambassador to France
Russia's Chief of General Staff 'Crisis since World War II'

I will write tomorrow too.

The following was revised on January 1, 2023.

Part 2. Only two countries, South Korea and the United States, have been able to conclude an extradition treaty with Japan. The reason is that the Japanese government arbitrarily punishes people.
Please see below for "false accusation" of "crime of support for violation of immigration law" in 2010.
Everyone, please have a heart of justice! please help us
In the January 2017 revision of the Immigration Control Law, the "Japanese parliament" said, "I am innocent." "Reason for revision" will be "revised" from "cannot be punished" to "can be punished".
It is "false accusation". However, the Japanese government has yet to apologize.
See the facts below. The facts stated state the fact of innocence. (Japanese)

Part 3. Construction of special zones.
The "special zone" "accepts" refugees and immigrants as "temporary immigrant" workers, limiting their residence to the "special zone". Developed countries can use them as low-wage workers for economic growth, and refugees and immigrants can get jobs and live a hopeful human life.
No2: https://world-special-zone.seesaa.net/
No1: https://naganoopinion.blog.jp/

Part 4. Ukraine war.
Zelensky took office on an "election promise" to scrap the Minsk Accords and regain territory through war. But when news of his tax evasion and tax havens came to light, he started a war.
No2: https://ukrainawar.seesaa.net/
No1: https://ukrainian-war.blog.jp/

Part 5. "U.S., Russia, and China" Tripartite Military Alliance/War Show
To create a world without war, we need a “Tripartite Military Alliance”!
No2: https://urc-military.seesaa.net/
No1: https://sangokugunzidoumei.blog.jp//

Part 6. Japan's notorious judicial system and human rights violations
Japan's judicial system: Immigration law violation case False accusation: Nissan Ghosn case False accusation: Abuse at immigration facility: International student/intern student case: Non-interference in domestic affairs: Foreign opinions
No2: https://nipponsihou.seesaa.net/
No1: https://humanrightsopinion.blog.jp/

Part 7. Corona sensor development 
We should develop an "inspection system" that instantly "discovers" "infected persons" like thermography.

Part 8. North Korea's Abduction and Missile Issues & Taiwan's Defense

Part 9. Promotion of One Coin Union & Hydrogen Vehicles 

Part 10. "Nagano" Opinion, Next Generation Nuclear Power: CO2 Free & SDGs: Russia/Ukraine Invasion Issues: Immigration/Refugee Issues: International/U.S. Politics/Taiwan Issues/Unification Church Issues

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano

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